15 Twitter Accounts For Bachelor Stars You Just Must Follow! (update for 2014)

So Juan Pablo’s season the Bachelor is rapidly approaching and with that in mind we thought we’d take the time to share an updated list of the most relevant twitter accounts for Bachelor fans! That’s right, there is no need to still be haunting Wes Hayden on Twitter! 🙂

Things have changed and so has the technology. Insta what? Instagram? Naw, I can hardly keep up with the tweets ya’ll! We’ll let Wepaint keep ya updated on all those pretty photos this year. So here is the list:

Twitter Accounts for Bachelor Stars!

Bachelor 2014 twitter

Media, Producers, and Juan Pablos ladies on Twitter


First off us: @BachelorSpoiler and Facebook/BachelorSpoilers. Now onto others.

  1. @BachelrWetpaint
  2. @BachelorABC – Official Bachelor Twitter Account
  3. @JuanPaGalavis – Juan Pablo on Twitter
  4. @DesHartsock – Desiree Hartsock on Twitter
  5. @SeanLowe09
  6. @chrisbharrison
  7. @RealitySteve – Reality Steve
  8. @ChrisRSiegfried – Chris Siegfried – still not sure who this is but I am told there was season last year of the Bachelorette in which he was relevant. Anyway…
  9. @fleissmeister –  Mike Fleiss

Juan Pablo’s ladies on twitter!

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  1. @KLew55 – Kylie Lewis
  2. @KatHurd – Kat Hurd – Get’s the first dates, meaning a good bookie knows her odds of winning are better than avg. 🙂
  3. @AmyLongWCTV – We like this dark horse! 🙂 – Amy Long
  4. @lucyaragon – Lucinda Aragon
  5. @alexis_morgado – Alexis Morgado
  6. @Clare_Crawley – Clare Crawley
Sunday January 5th

Sunday January 5th

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When does the bachelor 2014 start? Sunday January 5th



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