Sean Lowe Bachelor Final Rose Ceremony Thailand Spoilers! Filming details…

UPDATE: As is the case often, was the first to report the exact location and even the country where the Bachelor Sean Lowe was filming the final rose ceremony for 17 but since that time we have not yet updated all the details. THERE IS A REASON WHY!

You might want to bookmark this post as we have a suprise coming for you! Never before known details are coming online here this week about Sean Lowes Final Rose Ceremony as it was filmed on Saturday, November 17th in Chiang Rai Thailand at the Pa Sak Tong Villa!

If we can show you the exact room he slept he in, chances are there is more!

what happened behind the scenes of this years Bachelor filming during the final rose?

what happened behind the scenes of this years Bachelor filming during the final rose?

UPDATES COMING SOON….below was the old content from the start of the season:


I can share that Bachelor Sean Lowe will be filming both the overnight dates and the season 17 Final Rose Ceremony in Thailand. Our picks for the finally 3 are Tierra LiCausi, Lindsay Yenter, and Lesley Murphy, with Lesley being the first of the 3 to go. That’s totally preliminary but I have a good reason to call the order that way. I suspect the exact location in Thailand for Bachelor Seans overnight dates and Final Rose Ceremony will be either Koh Samui, Phuket, or Koh Phi Phi but you can bank on the fact we’ll probably get to see Phi Phi Island either in the Final Rose Ceremony backdrop of as a day trip. Honestly it’s the best setting ever. I know because I lived there through last year and fell in love with the place myself!  In case you forgot Ashely Hebert filmed part of the Bachelorette there the season before last and those were some of the best scenes. Remember episode 4 – group date….[youtube_sc url="" rel="0"]

It’s absolutely gorgeous and those of you who have been there will truly appreciate the scenery as will those who have not.

The final rose ceremonies typically are always filmed in the tropics and so this is really no big surprise but Thailand has been one of my favorite choices by the bachelor producers as has Fiji.

Bachelor Sean Lowe is filming the Final Rose Ceremony is Thailand

Anyway, get ready for lots of Bachelor Sean Spoilers over the next 6 weeks as we draw closer and remember to also check out the brother blog written by Serene Lady at as well, throughout the season both places we’ll be covering the show from all angles and with the latest Bachelor Season 17 News and Spoilers! Check out Hot Photo Sean Lowe Shaving Shirtless in a Towel.

 Here is the list of the ladies if your just now getting into season 17 of the bachelor

Bachelor Contestants:

  1. Kristy Kaminski
  2. Diana Weeks
  3. Katie Levans
  4. Catherine  Giudici
  5. Lesley  Murphy
  6. Lacey  Latka
  7. Sarah  Herron
  8. Leslie A. Hughes
  9. Robyn Howard
  10. Lindsay Yenter
  11. Selma Alameri
  12. Ashley Palenkas – Already sent home!
  13. Daniella McBride
  14. Jackie Parr
  15. Kelly Dutton
  16. Lauren Marchetti
  17. Taryn Renee Daniels
  18. Tierra LiCausi
  19. Amanda Meyer

Check out this scenery of Koh Phi Phi and some of other Thailand Beaches and it’s easy to see why Bachelor Producers have chosen to go back to Thailand for this years Final Rose Ceremony with Sean Lowe as the Bachelor. Oh and remember this filming hasn’t taken place yet nor has the cut to Bachelor Seans final 3 so clearly no way to answer the question, is Sean Lowe engaged…will all have to wait to see or hear as the filming takes place to see if there are any Bachelor Leaks this season!

[youtube_sc url="" rel="0"]

Again, as we have more Bachelor Sean Final Rose Ceremony Spoilerswe’ll post them here so keep an eye out for updates!

Pa Sak Tong resort in Chiang Rai Thailand is where Sean filmed the final rose ceremony!


Who are your picks for Sean The Bachelors Final 2 ladies? Share them below in the comments!

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