Bachelorette Lindsay ..Generals Daughter and the Pedigree to be the next Bachelorette?

is Lindsay Yenter the next Bachelorette?

…is Lindsay Yenter the next Bachelorette?

Get Ready for the Generals Daughter Summer of 2013 – Bachelorette Lindsay!

Making our rounds of Bachelor News the other day we discovered this starlet; Linday Yenter is the daughter of a U.S. Army General who heads an Army Engineer School and Military Police School, as well as looking after a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School. Now that’s some serious responsibility.

It turns out that Lindsay Yenters family has more three decades of ties to the U.S. Army.

As a matter of fact her father, a General for the U.S. Army just wrapped a overseas tour of duty in included a tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Moreover, Lisa Yenter has been very involved in community functions and military functions supporting service members most of her adult life.

Truth be told, we all by now realize there is a lot of consideration made in the casting decisions for the Bachelor and Bachelorette TV Show and like any business they, being the producers and executives in charge of this television show carefully choose people who have stories that can connect with large segments of the public. In fact that is truly what casting is all about. While nobody can say for sure who the Bachelorette will be for this coming summer 2013, if the spoilers for Sean Lowes season of the Bachelor are correct then this seems to present the storybook ending for very compelling love story come next summer.

Learn more about Lindsay Yenter and read her bio over at We are also in the process of adding the episode by episode spoilers for the Bachelor season 17 so sit tight for those as they are updated here at the Bachelorette blog.


[youtube_sc url=""]Whoever the season 9 Bachelorette is, you know as more information becomes public we will have the latest news…

Do you think that this is the way that things will play out? Is Lindsay the next Bachelorette? Share your comments and thoughts throughout the season and let’s see what the fans think about the Generals Daughter as the next Bachelorette…

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