The 3 Best Online Dating Sites for 2016 Bachelorette Fans

Are you a fan of the Bachelorette and single? Getting a little too into the 2016 Bachelorette and realizing you need to date more?  Great news….we have a few dating suggestions for you.

However, since I spend a fair amount of time trying new dating sites I wanted to share at least my own take on what I would consider the 3 best online dating site for women. These are the top three sites that if I were you I’d give a second look to….

However, before I just right into that let me share with you why Summer is such a great time to be at the online dating sites if you are single.

  • More people who are out doing physical activities are online in the summer because it’s just those who are serious about dating.
  • New members are more motivated and apt to contact more people
  • Lastly, this is just a tip. Pay the small fee of a few bucks to highlight your profile and make it appear at the top of the search. This greatly enhances the volume of emails you get and just by the law of averages you are more apt to get quality newly joined singles contacting you when you spend the few extra bucks. My experience is that I get 20% more emails this way!

3 Best Online Dating Sites for Women

If you want casual dating with lots of selections locally then choose option #1 – has improved SO MUCH in the last year!

1.  – the largest dating site in the world keeps growing and evolving every time I come back as a member. If you have not been a member of in the past year than chances are you would not even recognize the site. There are tons of new features and now has what is called Stir Events. Stir Events by are singles gatherings which give you REAL LIFE  opportunities to be insured you actually meet a multitude of singles while you are a member. Plus they also still offer the 6 month guarantee as well. It’s online dating for the offline world and the evolution of explains why the company continues to grow as fast as they do. No other site can come even remotely close with total active members and that means more selections and more dates. If you run the numbers a membership sets you back about the price three cocktails. That’s a pretty solid value compared to hours of perusing freebie dating sites…

visit the site

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2. – True totally and completely free bbw dating….wanna step it up and see what happens when you REALLY try to meet someone. If you join you really want to take some time and formulate a good profiles, avoid those old cliches, be positive, post some great action shots of you, and stay on top of your matches as they come in.  Yes it’s a free site so like 15% of the profiles are clearly spammers and scammers, but that is the nature of online dating. Just filter for the good ones. This site being free means that loads of singles come and go and your bound to find a gem in there.visit the site

For Our UK and Canada based bachelorette fans

3 and 4: Also check out and which are sister sites of

Enjoy the 2016 Season of Bachelorette.

We maybe back to cover it, even since Juan Pablos season of the bachelor we’ve been too busy to write about the show. Who knows maybe that will change down the line.



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