Bachelor Canada Brad Smith Talks About His Decisions on Episode 3

Brad Smith decided to give Bianka  Kamber a one on one date in Mexico even though he was not sure if she liked him.  He discovered, after talking to her in Mexico, that it takes a while for her to open up.  And he had the chance to  see if they were compatible.

Bianca Kamber Bachelorette on Bachelor Canada

Bachelor Canada Brad Smith

  Brad went on to say that he really tries to ignore what other girls say about each other. He wants to be responsible for his decisions without any outside influence.  So if someone thinks someone else is not there for the right reasons, he wants to discover that, stating, “What the other girls had to say did not impact my interest in building a relationship with any other women in the mansion.  The choice was ultimately up to me.”
We have certainly seen in our American Bachelor seasons, that usually when the women push too hard about another woman having problems, it affects their relationship with the bachelor and they usually end up going home.
Brad was required to send two women home at the next rose ceremony but he sent four home.  That shocked a few of the women.  He replied, “I would never give a rose to a girl just to keep her around.  I had way to much respect for the women to do that to them.  It was definitely a hard decision but one I knew I had to make if I wanted to be true to my intentions of going on the show.

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