Bachelor Sean Episode 4 Recap – Private Jets and Claws!

The Bachelor Sean Episode 4 Recap is here…

A Handsome Sean Lowe. Who will he pick?

A Handsome Sean Lowe. Who will he pick?

It’s Tierra versus the world in this episode as the competition heats up. And it really heats up between a date in the desert and a roller derby competition. Sean wants the girls to trust him this week but with all the drama, mishaps, and goodbyes, it might take a little longer for some. Many of the girls feel that Sean is being manipulated by a certain someone (Does her name start with a T perhaps?). But wait, there is more drama. One of the girls doesn’t get a rose after a one-on-one date and is sent home instead, leaving Sean with the rose. Poor guy.


The first one-on-one date is with Selma, who believes their date will be glamorous since it includes a limo and a private jet. Selma is soon out of her element, however, when she and Sean arrive at Joshua Tree National Park for some outdoor fun. Sean and Selma try rock climbing, even though Selma hates the heat and has a fear of heights. Sean wants to see how Selma will react but probably just wants a better view of her butt climbing up the rock.


What do you think of Tierra on the Bachelor?

What do you think of Tierra on the Bachelor?

Selma actually gathers her courage and makes it to the top. Sean and Selma then have a romantic evening at a RV Theme Park. I’m sure that’s every girl’s dream right there. The two talk and get to know each other more, but surprise, there’s no kissing! Selma explains her reasons for not kissing by letting him know she comes from a strict, conservative Muslim family growing up in Iraq. Sean respects her request, but Selma sure doesn’t have a problem cuddling or petting. I hope that doesn’t give her mom a heart attack either. Next day is the group date for Sean and it gets even more competitive. Sean takes the girls to a roller derby arena where the girls get geared up. The goal of the date is to practice and learn some skills before a competition.

For some reason, guys think that it’s okay to put prospective brides into competitive situations so all their nails with come out. Sarah has an especially difficult time, but with some encouragement from Sean and Ash Lee, she gets back out there. However, the dangers of roller derby are display when Amanda takes a nasty fall and injures her jaw. When Amanda leaves for the hospital, Sean decides to nix the competition and allows the girls just to skate instead. Props to Sean but I’m sure America wanted to see some more roller derby action between the girls. Bring it on! Later in the evening, Tierra flips out and becomes insanely jealous of Sean spending time with the other girls. Tierra goes to the producer and wants to leave, claiming she can’t stand it anymore. She, then, of course, goes running to Sean for reassurance to stay. Sean obliges and gives her a rose. The females watching were probably shaking their heads, because Tierra’s ploy works on Sean. The other girls don’t know what to make of Tierra’s outbursts, calling her manipulative. Tierra definitely takes the crown for drama queen of the house. Sean next has a one-on-one date with Leslie M. They go shopping on Rodeo Drive, and Sean fulfills Leslie’s and every other girl’s fantasy of being in the movie Pretty Woman by getting a dress and accessory at the most glamorous shops in Hollywood.


However, things take another turn when Leslie and Sean sit down for dinner. Sean longs for a romantic connection with Leslie, but it just doesn’t seem to happen between them. Sean does not give Leslie a rose and sends her packing instead. That’s the way Pretty Woman should have ended – Richard Gere looking despondent and Julia Roberts crying in the limo with a depressing song in the background. At the cocktail party, more drama arises between Tierra and the rest of the girls. Tierra really demonstrates her ruthless, competitive side and her desire to do whatever it takes to get that final rose. Tierra keeps saying that she wants Sean all for herself. But since Tierra already has a rose, the girls can’t do anything but do what girls do best – psychological and social warfare. The gloves are coming off and the vicious feminine tactics to get a man are pretty darn ugly. At the rose ceremony, Sean gives out his roses while the audience counts down how many more times we have to sit through these things. In the end, Amanda gets sent packing. Maybe you shouldn’t break your jaw on the next date.


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