Bachelor Sean episode 5 recap, Whitefish, Montana lip-locking through Glacier National Park!

Bachelor Sean episode 5 recap, Whitefish, Montana lip-locking through Glacier National Park!

Bachelor Sean Episode 5Bachelor Sean Episode 5 Recap

Yikes, this episode is full of surprises! Some are good, some are not so good. Sean and the girls take a trip to get away from the bright lights of the city, and since Sean loves the outdoors, they go somewhere more rustic for the week. Both Sean and one of the girls get to bend the rules a bit, and he and two of the girls get the dreaded two-on-one date where at the end of the evening one stays and one goes. It all leads up to another rose ceremony where oneof the girls gets a one way ticket home.

The girls get the first surprise when Chris tells them to pack their bags because they are joining Sean in Whitefish, Montana. The girls get to stay at a lodge, and the scenery is picturesque. The first up is the one-on-one date with Lindsay. Lindsay is certainly surprised, and when Sean shows up for their date, she gets another surprise as the two of them tour Glacier National Park via helicopter. Lindsay and Sean get lots of time together and lots of smooching. I mean a lot of smooching! Damn.

They kiss each other every other minute of their date, obviously never getting tired of it.Lindsay Yenter There’s more kissing later when Sean gives Lindsay a rose and gives her another surprise, a concert in downtown Whitefish surrounded by the locals. They dance, and yep, you guessed it, kiss some more. But in true Bachelor style, this time they get to dance on a raised platform with the people around cheering them on. Oh, brother. I hope the girls realize it won’t be like that after the show ends.

The group date is next. All the other girls are picked except those who get to do the two-on-one, Jackie and Tierra. The girls get to compete in the Annie Oakleyrace, a relay that tests the girls’ outdoor prowess where they paddle canoes, buck hay, saw a log, and milk a goat. The girls are divided into two teams, and the winning team gets to move on to part two of the date while the losers go home. Despite starting off behind, the red team catches up and Desiree clenches their win by drinking the goat’s milk. The blue team is bummed as they head back to the lodge.

However, their disappointment doesn’t last very long as Sean invites the blue team to come back and share the evening with him and the red team. The red team is pissed by not getting more time with Sean, but the blue team is thrilled beyond belief. Tierra gets jealous too and gives Sean another surprise by showing up to the group date even though she wasn’t invited. Sean wants to know what she’s doing there, and of course, Tierra needs reassurance that she won’t get sent home again. Roll eyes here. The group date ends with Sean giving Daniela the rose, and it’s about freaking time too. Daniela has been really patient to get her time with Sean.Even though it didn’t do anything, props to Desiree for drinking the goat’s milk!

The next day Sean takes Jackie and Tierra horseback riding. The date is tense because one of the girls knows she will be sent home that night. In the course of the day, Jackie opens up to Sean and plays her trash talking card to Sean. She dishes on Tierra, but if you’ve been watching the show, you know that tactic never works. Jackie is sent home, while Tierra stays. Instead of mourning her lost relationship with Sean on the limo ride home, Jackie gets to grieve the fact that Tierra is staying instead.

The rest of the girls are beyond angry and once again surprised that Sean is still keeping Tierra around.It’s Tierra versus the world part two for the rest of the episode, and tensions boil over at the cocktail party. It leaves Sean worried and trying to get to the bottom of what’s goes on. He tries to ask the girls about what’s happening but none of them will be straight with him. He does get a glimpse of Tierra’s anger and the drama that seems to follow her around. Many of the girls and Sean are frustrated as the rose ceremony draws closer.

Another surprise for the audience is a sit down with Chris where Sean doubts whether or not will he find his wife in that group. He admits that he doesn’t want to be played and wants the girls to be straight with him. In the end, Robyn doesn’t get a rose. Maybe the tension with Tierra won’t be as high without her in the housebut fat chance of that happening.bachelor 2013 spoilers



Did Sean Pick Catherine at the Final Rose Ceremony or is Reality Steve wrong again?


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