Bachelor Sean episode 6 recap, the note, Alberta Canada, and Tierra gets the rose!

Bachelor Sean Episode 6 Recap

Tierra LiCausi with Sean Lowe

Tierra LiCausi with Sean Lowe

 The note, Alberta Canada, and Tierra gets the rose!

It’s cold out there! After a week in Montana with lots of drama, Sean and the girls head farther north to Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. There the snow flies, and things settle down a bit as many of the girls open to up Sean. However, some of them get to stay while others get to go back to the U.S. as their dreams of falling in love are crushed. The competition gets more serious as three girls are let go, and it’s down to the final six. Much of the drama that is surrounding Tierra is missing this week but not completely gone. Tierra still manages to get Sean’s attention by making a spectacle.

Tierra LiCausi from the Bachelor

Tierra LiCausi from the Bachelor

Sean starts out with a one-on-date with Catherine. Sean leaves a cryptic note about a fairy tale which starts ominously as he picks her up in a snow bus. It doesn’t get much more like a fairy tale than that! Turns out Sean and Catherine are spending the date on a glacier at Jasper National Park, and Catherine’s fairy tale dress ends up being a one-piece snow suit. Sexy. After sledding, making snow angels, and horsing around, Sean deems Catherine as having passed the blizzard test, and they start the real fairy tale portion of the date. They take a carriage ride and spend the evening in an ice castle, where the ice for their drinks that much closer. Sean gives Catherine a rose and hopes that things are turning around.

Meanwhile, the girls are shocked when they read the card for the group date. Daniela is surprised when she is not picked for the other one-on-one date. She is the only one in the group who hasn’t gotten one before. On the group date, the girls paddle across Lake Louise, finally in a non-competitive fashion, to the other side. Once there, Sean announces that the other part of the date is a polar bear challenge to get completely submerged in the glacier-fed, freezing lake of the Canadian Rockies. All of the girls do it, except Selma. AshLee is proud of herself for doing it for Sean. Tierra, however, is hypothermic after their dip. Good thing there are medics around to warm her up.

Tierra once again gets to use her medical mishaps to her advantage to get more of Sean’s attention. Sean checks up on her, but she doesn’t go out with the rest of the ladies that evening. The other girls are enjoying it immensely and take turns taking pot shots at Tierra before Tierra joins the party, and the room goes completely silent. Whoops. In the end, Sean gives Lesley a rose. But before the night is over, Sean decides to send one of the girls packing. Sarah had shown Sean pictures of her family earlier, and that’s a big no-no. Sean doesn’t think they have a future together so he sends her home to not waste any more of her time. It comes as a surprise to Sarah (really?), but it’s difficult to watch her leave as many people can probably understand being brushed off because “we just didn’t have a connection.”bachelor 2013 spoilers

Sean and Desiree go on a one-on-one date. Sean wants to assure her of his feelings, and he does that by pushing her off a cliff. Well, they have harnesses on and ropes attached as they rappel down a 400-foot steep bluff to their picnic below. Sean and Desiree spend a lot of time kissing, and they actually climb a tree together. Later that evening, they have a romantic evening in a teepee. Desiree should feel at home because she takes a big risk up opening up to Sean and tells him that her family was poor growing up and how they spent time living in a tent. It’s a big confession but Desiree should feel reassured of their relationship after getting a rose.

At the cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the girls are still in shock somewhat over Sarah’s departure. After all, anyone could be next. AshLee opens up to Sean, giving him a blindfold as a symbol for her relinquishing control in their relationships. Yawn. In order to make up for not taking the plunge, Selma risks the wrath of her family by giving Sean a short kiss on the lips. It’s not enough, however. Selma and Daniela are both sent packing. Selma voices everyone else’s shock over how Tierra got a rose over her. I guess Sean, and ABC, only keep her around for exciting television.

 There is some buzz going around in Bachelor forums that Sean picks Tierra, that Reality Steve got duped, and Sean gets dumped at the end of the season and that is why ABC peiced the show together the way they did making her look like a villain!

Do you think there is any truth to that?

Is Sean really single still? Share your comments?

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