Bachelor Sean Episode 8 – hometown dates recap

Bachelor Sean Episode 8 Recap

Bachelor 2013 spoilers

Bachelor 2013 spoilers

Just when we thought things couldn’t get even more emotional for Sean and the four remaining ladies, watch out! It’s the hometown dates this week and Sean is in for quite a ride by seeing the girl’s hometowns and then getting to meet their families.

The hometown dates are a make or break situation for one of the ladies. After a week of trying to make good impressions on their families, Sean has to send another lady home, and it’s not an easy goodbye at all. Will Sean be kicking himself for that one?

Sean’s first hometown date is with AshLee in Houston, Texas. Since Sean is from Dallas, he should feel right at home. Sean and AshLee spend the first part of their date on a picnic in the middle of a field somewhere with some wine and lots of googly eyes at each other. Sean also gets to meet AshLee’s dog Bailey. It’s a good thing Bailey seems content with Sean otherwise the relationship should have ended right then. AshLee is especially ecstatic to have Sean meet her parents and reminds everyone over and over again. Geez, get on with it!

Later, Sean, AshLee, and AshLee’s parents sit down for a meal, and then it’s time for the one-on-one time with Mom and Dad. AshLee’s parents take a liking to Sean, but of course, they ask him the hard questions about being in love and not wanting to see their daughter hurt. If you didn’t know it already, the family spends a lot of time rehashing AshLee’s history as a foster child and her previous failed marriage when she was still in high school. But the date seems to go well and Sean heads to the Pacific Northwest to spend time with Catherine.


Catherine “Gaya” Giudici

Catherine “Gaya” Giudici

ean and Catherine spend the day together in Seattle before meeting the family. They walk around Seattle, taking turns catching fish and playing around in a photo booth. Sean loves how happy and playful Catherine is when they are together. Soon, Sean and Catherine go home to meet Catherine’s mom, grandma, and two sisters. The date doesn’t go as well as expected, since Catherine’s family remains skeptical about their relationship. Her sisters don’t know if Sean can be supportive of her dreams or handle her moods. They can’t give Sean a straight answer on if Catherine is ready to settle down. Her mom is also hesitant to accept Sean into the family. Sean walks away with doubts about their future.

Any doubts Sean might have about his relationship with Lindsay are put to rest when he visits her hometown and meets the family. Sean and Lindsay spend time walking around the town of Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Her dad is a two general in the U.S. Army and Sean is extremely nervous about meeting him. However, Lindsay gets him prepared by making him change into fatigues and putting him through several drills. Sean can’t keep a straight face, and Lindsay takes advantage by drilling him on kisses. It’s sweet but also makes you want to hurl. In the end, Lindsay’s parents and brother are all very accepting of Sean. Sean even gets a blessing from her dad.

Next up, Desiree has her turn in Los Angeles. Sean and Des go hiking and Sean sports some very manly pink shorts. The two do a lot of kissing, and they go back to Desiree’s place to make dinner for the family showing up later. Desiree pranks Sean and the rest of America when an actor shows up pretending to be an outraged ex-boyfriend. Sean almost gets aggressive before Desiree puts a stop to it. When Des’s real family arrives, her parents take an instant liking to Sean, but her brother Nate can’t stand him. Nate pulls Sean outside for a rumble. Well, it doesn’t go that far, but Nate sure speaks his mind, telling Sean that he’s only a playboy who doesn’t love Des as much as she loves him. Later, he tells Desiree that Sean isn’t the one and is afraid of her t getting her heart broken.

It turns out Nate is right as Sean sends Desiree home after Sean has to make a gut-wrenching decision. Of course, AshLee and Lindsay get roses but Catherine and Desiree are on the chopping block.

Desiree pulls Sean aside during the rose ceremony to apologize, but Sean still can’t make up his mind. In fact, Sean takes so long to make up his mind in the end that it’s excruciating and half the audience probably turned off their TVs already. Ultimately, Desiree goes home.

From now on, the emotional stakes are extremely high!

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