Bachelor Sean Season 17, Episode 3 Recap

Bachelor Sean Season 17, Episode 3 Recap

Who does Sean Lowe Send home & when and who does Sean Lowe pick in the end? Catherine Giudici?

Who does Sean Lowe Send home & when and who does Sean Lowe pick in the end? Catherine Giudici?

The competition heats up among the fourteen remaining girls in the house while bachelor Sean Lowe’s favorites start to emerge. The week begins with Sean wondering if he will make a deeper connection with some of the girls since he’s just beginning to get to know them. Throughout the episode, Sean comes to see more of their personalities. Different sides of the girls come out, including Amanda’s competitiveness especially for Sean’s attention, Tierra’s “Oops I fell so I can spend extra time with Sean,” and the ruthlessness, stealing, and jealously among any group of girls vying for a man’s attention.

The first winner for a one-on-date with Sean is Lesley M. Instead of a romantic day strolling on the beach or touring a vineyard, Sean’s chooses to spend time at the Hollywood Guinness Book of World Records Museum. Yes, you did just read that right. A museum? But Sean has a surprise for Lesley. Sean and Lesley take on the Guinness World Record for the longest on-screen kiss at over three minutes. Apparently, couples need to take a hint because both Sean and Leslie feel a deeper connection with each other after the kiss. Sean and Lesley finish up their date with lots of kissing and cuddling. So as long as you can hold a kiss for that long, it might liven up your love life.

The next day is another group date with twelve of the girls at the beach. Although they spend some time just relaxing, each girl knows the competition is about to heat up. And it does with a beach volleyball game. The winners get to spend extra time with Sean while the losers get sent home in tears. Daniella calls the game the most important game in her life, while thousands of eyes roll across America. The game gets ugly and frustrating with both of the teams tied most of the time. However, the blue team is victorious and the red team breaks down in tears over lost time with their potential spouse.

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At the group date at his house, Sean is able to sweep some of the girls away for some one-on-one time but the claws come out, especially between Amanda and Desiree. Kacie B. gets involved and plays the role of tattle tale to Sean. Sean’s reaction is like any sane person’s and asks, “Why are you getting involved?” But any female watching will know that Kacie is just attempting to score some extra points with Sean by confiding in him.

AshLee is chosen for another one-on-one date with Sean, but as Sean arrives to pick her up, Tierra takes a fall on the stairs. Sean is worried that Tierra might have a serious injury, and the ambulance arrives. However, refusing to receive medical help, Tierra instead gets some extra touching time with Sean. AshLee is understandably upset by the ruckus since the whole Tierra-falling episode cuts into their date time.

Were you sad to see Kacie go?

Were you sad to see Kacie go?

AshLee and Sean finally get their date at Six Flags Magic Mountain, sharing the park with two chronically ill teens who know each other online but finally meet for the first time. The four spend the day riding rides, playing games, and enjoying a concert from the Eli Young Band. Sean and AshLee get to have their special moments alone together, which includes AshLee’srevelation to Sean of her adopting and spent time in an abusive foster home. Sean gets teary-eyed over her story, but taking a shot every time someone cries on the show is a great drinking game anyhow.

During the last cocktail party before the rose ceremony, the viciousness of a pack of females comes out as Sean is stolen time and time again by the girls wanting more time with him. Sean tries to take it in stride, but it is obvious even to him the ruthlessness of their tactics, just like a herd of predators going after a kill. The tension is palpable as the girls try to one-up each other, although Sean does take time out to make Sarah more at home by bringing her dog Leo to the house.

Sure enough, Kacie B.’s ploy to win Sean’s affection backfires, and Kacie doesn’t even make it through the ceremony before Sean sends her home, giving her the “let’s just be friends” speech. Sean picks his women in the cheesy handing her a rose and asking her to accept way, and two girls are left without one. Taryn and Kristy get the boot but not before affirming their hopes that one day true love will find them. Just make sure roses have nothing to do with your next relationship.

 Who does Sean Lowe Send home & when and who does Sean Lowe pick in the end? Catherine Giudici? OR? Have we been duped? Leave your comments below


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