Will their be a Bachelor Season 18? ….source hints at major changes for 2014

Bachelor season 18 changes...what will they be?

Bachelor season 18 changes…what will they be?

Hold onto your chairs folks, there are rumblings inside the inner circle that the Bachelor TV Show may undergo a major face-lift for season 18.

Yes, since the ratings are still comparably high it is a sure thing that the already ordered season 18 of the Bachelor will be airing in 2014 but someone close to the producer himself has indicated to us that there could be a major change or a big shift in the way it’s all going to be put together.

Could it be a new face as the host?

Has the former pristine appearance of a happily married father (Chris Harrison) as the host been even a bit tarnished by the fact that Chris Harrison is now himself a Bachelor? Most people would disagree as would we, instead placing the blame for why the shows rating have continued to slip on the fact that the Bachelor producers have seemingly stopped casting run or the mill people to appear on the show. Unlike shows like Survivor or Amazing Race, being cast on the Bachelor is basically a game of who’s who. Partially due to this they’ve damaged the shows appearance to the point that not a lot of people are jumping at the chance to be on the show as they once were.

Is Chris Harrison leaving the Bachelor as host?

Is Chris Harrison leaving the Bachelor as host?

Would Chris Harrison leaving give the show at least a new sense of sincerity? Perhaps but not likely.

Or could these changes be a new way of casting suitors and a shift towards the more believe-able as in casting regular gals and guys. Could it finally be an African-American star? (No, most of America has not forgotten)

Right now that’s really all we know but the source is solid and we think that based on this information we are in for some major change of some sort, in the not-to-distant future.

For the names of this seasons final four guys and the order of elimination and well as who Desiree Hartsock picked click here.


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