Bachelorette Desiree Final Rose recap + Juan Pablo Galavis the next bachelor

It’s official! Desiree Hartsock picked Chris Siegfried on the bachelorette final rose ceremony and in true hot leftovers style they are madly in  love. WHAT A LAUGHING STOCK OF A SEASON!

A finale rose ceremony that felt more like a funeral procession.  It's was  hot....lemme tell ya! :-)

A finale rose ceremony that felt more like a funeral procession. AT LEAST IT’S OVER! :-)

It’s the day all Bachelorette fans wait all season, it’s finally the Bachelorette final rose ceremony day.  However, this seasons most ALL of us realize, has been a vastly different year for die-hard fans. From episode one and arguably from the day the show announced that Desiree Hartsock was the next Bachelorette, fans have done a collective yawn.  It’s been a ‘Brad  Womack like season’ this year with waning interest since before the season even started. Perhaps that’s a bit harsh though….on Brad Womack I mean.

After-all for the season he starred as the bachelor, rating were huge! When he came back ratings were also huge yet-again! That being said of course ratings on the Bachelorette and the Bachelor are not the responsibility of the person cast as the star but rather responsibility of the show to pick personalities that fans will want to watch . So Desiree is of course not to blame! WE LOVE YA DES!

Also, as much as the Bachelorette producers would like to blame spoilers on low ratings and point the finger at Reality Steve and other tv shows, the fact is, that this reality TV show is just not as good anymore from the aspect of how it is put together. The buck stops at the producers door.

We share the opinion with the masses that it’s a mostly been casting issue but also how the story lines have been pasted together. Luckily for us, this is just random entertainment in our daily live. Pick the kids up, go grocery shopping, run errands, watch the Bachelor. That’s our stories. So with my rant completed, let’s talk about what happened, which will be my final post on this season of the Bachelorette.

First let’s go around the horn. Shall we….

1. People Magazine just ran this story in which Ali Fedotowsky predicted that Desiree picks Chris.   Desiree did pick Chris Siegfried, but SHE ACTUALLY settled for him and chose Brooks. Sorry Ali but that’ll be over in a minute! I promise you! 🙂 

2. Reality Steve said that Brooks returned and that Desiree  Hartsock and Brooks Forester are engaged?! Where the f—k did that come from Steve? LMAO!  EVERYONE BELIEVED YOUR COCKEYED BULL–IT STORY TOO. That is hilarious dude! Brooks did not return and never was there any proof they were engaged! Sorry Steve! …BUT I TOLD YA SO! …You should be a magician though man. How did you get so many people to believe you had a source for that??! Uhmazing…

 …is Aziz Ansari our next celebrity Bachelor?

UPDATE: That’s now been disproved as well.

2014  Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis

Bachelor 2014  Spoilers! (Inserted keyword, bolded, and in  Italics just so we can be like WetPaint! 🙂 Minus the annoying popups and Glee stories!)

(UPDATED: See above) If you saw tonight’s finale you know that  Juan Pablo Galavis is officially the next bachelor!  The contents below were written before the show aired…. Who is Juan Pablo Galavis? Keep your eyes peeled for a story on Juan tonight!

IT'S OFFICIAL! Abc names Juan Pablo Galavis the 2014 Bachelor!

IT’S OFFICIAL! Abc names Juan Pablo Galavis the 2014 Bachelor!

So I found this article fun – is running an interesting story with a poll on which celebrity should be the next Bachelor for the 2014 season – a season which is of course already under contract and will happen for anyone that watches from afar.  Yes, the Bachelor still TOTALLY dominates it’s demographics in its slot. Anyway, casting decisions on the 2014 season of the Bachelor are most likely already made due to time limitations on when the show will starting the filming. Of course, as of yet no decisions on who the next Bachelor is have been made public.

Here is my take:

A. I do not think there is ANY WAY that Aziz Ansari will be chosen as the next  Bachelor. I will let you ponder why that is. Alright fine, I will fess up as to why I don’t think Aziz is the next bachelor. If there is a star of another ethnicity I’d see it being an African American star. (The blowback from not picking one is already pretty heavy!!!) …and nobody knows  that better than ABC execs!

B. I think FINALLY there will be a African American leading man. The most intelligent decision that ABC could make, in my humble opinion is to pick someone with character and charisma who has not ‘ MADE IT’ yet and whose not spoiled by lime lights and celebrity status. That is what makes the show unique. Remember, Bachelor London Calling? Matt Grant? That was a season that compelled us to watch the show. That is what fans want  again.

Is the Bachelor / Bachelorette series salvageable?

It’s more than fair to ask that considering the hot mess ABC put out this year. The truth is what came out of the editing room this season had to embarrass top brass with the network. (or at least the major ratings  hit that they took as a result) The unnatural looking rapping with Desiree?!  Some of the absurd  picks as far as the men they cast?! Whaaaaaaaat were they thinking? The Bachelor is at it’s very roots a show about love, a show about travel, a show about dreams, a show about possibilities. Not a 2nd rate reality TV show with over the top characters which is what it more and more resembles. Capturing people imaginations and tying in believable characters is how they accomplish the success they used to enjoy. I am not ready to give up hope yet…

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Desiree picked Chris....and it was romantic! lol, not.

Desiree picked Chris….and it was romantic! lol, not.

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