Bachelorette season 9 guys you’ll dislike; Bryden Vukasin & Brian Jarosinski

Bachelorette Season 9 guys Bryden Vukasin & Brian Jarosinski are soon to be on the love-to-hate list as far as TV personalities…here is why.

As Wetpaint first speculated and Reality Steve alluded to, the following is true according to a source very close to this season of the Bachelorette.

Brian Jarosinki Bachelorette

Brian Jarosinski Bachelorette

Brian Jarosinski actually boned out during filming for a group to be with his former playboy playmate girlfriend Stephanie Larimore!

This did happen in March as well but it was according to our source done because Brian actually didn’t think that he was going to be chosen by Desiree. So, while it was rude one can at least understand that seeing no possible connection as far as reciprocated feelings then perhaps his defense mode kicked in and he opted for something secure….and surely someone had to have said that it would make for good TV. 🙂

However, that’s really nothing compared to the level of disrespect you’ll see on this season of the Bachelorette from Bryden Vukasin. According to rumors circulating now, Brydens Vukasins’ girlfriend, Becky Weidow may have actually approved Bryden being on the show, knowing full well he was just there for fun; never being even the slightest bit interested in a relationship with Desiree Hartsock!

Bryden Vukasin Bachelorette

Bryden Vukasin Bachelorette

It’s stories like these that make us thing that ABC must plant someone in the show and pay them behind the scenes to cook up some drama.

I mean think about it….it is by pure chance that every year we get a total jackass. Have these guys never thought about what happens after the show is a wrap?

Of course they do….it has to be worth the time and risk for them. Right? Leading at least us to the conclusion that this just must be planted drama.

Bryden Vukasin and Brian Jarosinski, just remember to watch for these two guys during the premiere of the Bachelorette!

Brian is also a underwear model – Photos here

You can read Brydens bio and the Brian Jarosinski bio as  well here at the links above.
For the Bachelorette final four names read this post, which I might add we now know the order the final 4 were sent home as well and will be posting that later today!!! Here is Brian Girlfriend, playmate Stephanie Larimore (according to reports)

A playboy playmate

A playboy playmate and the girlfriend that Brian Jarosinski leaves the show to be with according to reports

Also, this year we have a new Bachelorette Spoilers Google Community open – Join here!

Lastly, here is Desiree new promo video for season 9 of the Bachelorette

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