Jillian Harris the Bachelorette – Bachelorette Spoilers already coming in!

Howdy folks! Sometimes in life (AND BLOGGING) you just need to start afresh and that day for us is today!

Archive # 1 of the 500 cleared from BacheloretteBlog.

The Bachelorette Blog started in 2009 and we have written over 500 posts about the Bachelorette TV Show and the Bachelor TV show as well as a small collection of celebrity news and celebrity gossip. It’s been fun over the last 5 years covering the latest bachelorette spoilers and bachelor spoilers but today we are clearing over 400 posts so that what we have online is FRESH, CLEAN, RELEVANT, AND GOOD CONTENT!

We are leaving this bookmark as where the site began….at the outset of Season 5 of the Bachelorette! We are now on Season 9 of the Bachelorette with Desiree Hartsock.


Jillian Harris the Bachelorette – They are a few weeks into filming right now, and here’s what I can tell you. For the first time in the show’s history, the season will start with 30 men instead of 25. First elimination was 30 down to 20. After that, I believe the 2nd elimination brought it down to 17. Also, Jillian is looking a lot better than she did on the “Bachelor”, which was expected. They all decide to get themselves in shape and all dolled up once they realize the focus is on them. As for any spoilers, I don’t want to give anything major away just yet, but let’s just say that this season is playing right into form of past seasons. Things you’ve heard being done in previous seasons, manipulations, scheming, all will be in play this season. One of the dudes from Dallas got booted on the first night, I’m sure of that. As for other guys who could be a factor, I think I mentioned Mr Restaurant guy from San Diego Julian in a previous post. Ummmm, well, cross him off your list. Done. Already booted. That’s what I got so far. There’s one major thing I’m working on but I need a little more verification before I run with it. Hope this holds you over for now.

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