Both Chmerkovski Brothers Want to Dance wtih Emily Maynard if she Does Dancing with the Stars 2013

We recently reported that Emily Maynard may be doing Dancing with the Stars this Spring and she may have even signed the contract.

Emily Maynard may be Going to be on Dancing with the Stars This Spring

When Maks Chmerkovski learned that Emily Maynard might be doing Dancing with the Stars in the Spring of 2013, he shared that he would love to be her professional.  Now he has stated that he may leave the show, but he cannot do that until his contract is up, which will not be until after the next season.  So, if Emily does the show, he has made his wishes known.

Maks Chmerkosvki would Like Emily Maynard as a partner on Dancing with the Stars Spring 2013

Now we also know there is another Chmerkovski brother, Val, and he would also love to dance with her.  He finds her “hot.”  So, Emily if you are truly interested, take your pick!!!

Little Brother Val Chmerkovski Also Would Like to Dance with Emily Maynard

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