Confirmed! Desiree Hartsock picked Brooks Forester, but he does not propose!

That's the face of disappointment!

That’s the face of disappointment!

Wow, how anti-climatic!

You go on national TV and get everyone you know and about 40 million people you don’t know all excited about a show that spends millions of dollars to fly you around the globe to get you hitched. You get a few hundred grand to do it and a massive wardrobe budget to boot. At least 30 national magazines are drooling to know who you chose. The world is watching! ….and what happens. NOTHING! In grand fashion they say, ‘Will you date me?”. WTF?

Bachelorette Season 9 Spoilers - You'll want to give your popcorn back to the Theater

Bachelorette Season 9 Spoilers – You’ll want to give your popcorn back to the Theater

I repeat, what the h-ll. I want my 8 dollars back and here is your popcorn. This is not what I paid to see! Oh wait, okay so you didn’t have to choke up any real cash but you did spend too many Mondays and invest too much time for a, “Will you date me” ending…. Well that’s what you will get this season on the Bachelorette with Desiree Hartsock. I can say with 100% certainty that Desiree picks Brooks Forester!

We can confirm with 100% degree certainty that Desiree picked Brooks Forester!

We can confirm with 100% degree certainty that Desiree picked Brooks Forester!

We’re on about the same beat as Reality Steve this year thanks to some little mice (EXCEPT THE ENGAGEMENT DOES NOT HAPPEN AS STEVE REPORTED), and the show seems more desperate than ever to cook up some ratings.

Our Rant

(You can skip this and revisit the name of Desiree Final 4 here) far half the guys who were on the show are hiding their Facebook pages and Brian Jarosinki, our token underwear model has even hidden his ModelMayhem page. Those that have nothing going for themselves are holding out their appearances on the show to milk them for everything they can.

…And the few who actually have careers outside of showbusiness are second guessing why they agreed to appear on the show in the first place….Brace yourself for a trainwreck called the Bachelorette!

Lastly, just to touch on something I said in a prior post, I wanted to elaborate on the fact that I really just can’t believe ABC gave the Bachelorette call to Desiree Hartsock. Don’t get me wrong but when Lindsay Yenter passed on the spot saying that, “Desiree could carry a show better than I could” I have to think that this was at least partially a tongue-in-cheek comment. I think ABC is really starting to question what producers have done with the show. It’s not just me questioning this decision either. WetPaint and many others have written about this over the course of the last few weeks. Here is the deal gals / guys….we can gauge interest often based on the searches for the people on the show.

This year it’s like a mortuary in Bachelor land. 🙂 Not many people, at least not like years past are searching for the names of the guys on the Bachelorette!

That’s not good. Why? Well simply put Doritos buys ads from ABC based on how many of us sheeple sit down to watch these clowns makes total donkeys of themselves on TV for us and the truth is most people can’t spell Desiree, let alone know who she is. Last season of the Bachelor she really didn’t connect with many people either, at least not enough to overcome the earned reputation that the Bachelorette just casts leftovers.

You know it's true!

You know it’s true!

Let’s be honest, Desiree Hartsock is perhaps the single most obscure pick to star as the  Bachelorette since Brad Womack was desperately invited back to the Bachelor just so we could collectively throw rocks at him.

Desiree just doesn’t fit the mold of someone people really want to get all excited and root for. Not to mention the unrealistic cast that includes men that look like they were ripped off the cover of a magazine; oh wait they were! (Including an actual Ford Model and yes even Brooks Forester – see his modeling page and talent agent here) …GMFB, would you see Desiree in real life with a Ford Model chilling walking down the produce aisle?


What the groceries would look like if you did.

What the groceries would look like if you did.

Providing we have not been mislead about the Bachelorette Season 9 Final Rose Ceremony, Brooks Forester (bio here) could have at least proposed to the girl for goodness sakes. I mean, it’s not like you are already on a nationally televised reality TV show or anything… – View Singles in Your Area
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