Get ready for the worst season of the Bachelorette to ever air! (we told you so!)

Way overdone, total mistake.

Way overdone, total mistake.

Desiree Hartsock seems like a really sweet lady so if you are reading this girl, just don’t take it personal.

However, the fact remains this was not right the character to cast as the Bachelorette. Period. Moreover the ensemble of models and dorks they have surrounded Desiree Hartsock with is compounding just how bad this season is.

It’s beyond us who made these casting decision but I’d bet good money they also had something to do with shooting this horrendous and ridiculous video!!

I can’t recall the last time I witnessed something so utterly ridiculous anywhere on TV. Except perhaps a Japanese game show or perhaps in the mid 90’s when scrolling channels something this dumb may have been on W.W.F. wrestling. (That is of course wrestling that 12-year-old boys watch.) It was painful to watch Desiree and dorky white guys rap….and rap very badly. I was embarrassed to have to watch this. Oh wow, was my reaction?! WTF was that?

What were they thinking?  I had to turn off the tv and walk away after this video.  We’ll let others make excuses for the ratings but don’t say I didn’t tell you so at the end of this season…

YouTube Preview Image

The Bachelorette ratings with Desiree Hartsock have utterly tanked….in case you haven’t read it on all the entertainment blogs. Put a fork in this one….it’s done.

Don’t look for a big bounce this season, IT JUST ISN’T GOING TO HAPPEN! 


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