Juan Pablo Galavis Bio

Shortly BacheloretteBlog.net will have a bio for Juan Pablo Galavis with photos, vidoes, names of ex-girlfriends and ALOT MORE! In case you have not heard  Juan Pablo Galavis is the 2014 Bachelor. Make sure to send us your tips as far as the names of the ladies casted to be on the Bachelor with Jaun Pablo Galavis

So who is Juan Pablo Galavis

So who is Juan Pablo Galavis

Juan Pablo Galavis is the next bachelor….but what do we REALLY know about him. (Coming soon). Be sure to check back here for more, and also follow “The Bachelor” on DirecTV.


Juan Pablo Galavis Bio

No Juan Pablo Galavis bio would be complete without the skinny on who he has dated and why they broke up. Get the juice on this coming soon…

Juan Pablo Galavis childhood

Was a professional soccer player up till 8 years ago. (mid-fielder) He retire when he turned 27 to spend more time with his daughter Camila. Was also a promoter in the Miami music scene. Juan Pablo Galavis is of Venezuelan descent but was born in the US. His childhood was spent in Barquisimeto, Venezuela where he moved to when he was just 2 years old!

Juan Pablo was born in the Ithaca New York in 1981,and later attended Roberts Weslevan College.

Fun Fact: He is just 5’11 so not as tall as one might guess.

Juan Pablo Galavis ex girlfriends

Surprisingly limited information but I am sure that will change as the season gets closer to starting

Juan Pablo Galavis taste in women

Really not much is know about what sorts of ladies Juan Pablo likes. Not yet that is…

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