Meet the Bachelorette Attorney, Jonathan Vollinger

Jonathan Vollinger Bachelorette Bio

26 year old Attorney that stands 6’1 and went to Miami School of Law, he’ll be gone before you know it but here is the brief bio…

from Hickory North Carolina, no tats (NOT A SHOCKER!) Likes Garth Brooks & Kings of Leon and was Phi Delta Phi…say it aint so…

Jonathan Vollinger

Jonathon Vollinger Bachelorette

Jonathon Vollinger Bachelorette

Here are some excerpts from his ABC BIO Page:

Describe your top three favorite/least favorite things to do on a date.
Favorite: 1) Adventure 2) Laugh 3) Make out
Least Favorite: 1) Completely blow it 2) Family dinner 3) Get slapped

What’s your worst date memory?
The girl yelling expletives across the street as she went back to her building. It didn’t end well.

What are your deal-breakers when it comes to relationships?
Lack of openness/communication, over 6′, under 5′. No real “deal-breakers.” I think you can never know someone until you spend time together, so how someone appears on paper or traditionally acts doesn’t really matter if two people click.

He doesn't last long!

He doesn’t last long!



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