Bachelor Seans Ladies

A Handsome Sean Lowe. Who will he pick? Bachelor Seans Ladies Bachelor Contestants: Kristy Kaminski Diana Weeks Katie Levans Catherine  Giudici – In Final Four Lesley  Murphy Lacey  Latka Sarah  Herron Leslie A. Hughes Robyn Howard Lindsay Yenter – In Final Four Selma Alameri Daniella McBride Jackie Parr Kelly Dutton Lauren Marchetti Taryn Renee Daniels Tierra LiCausi Amanda Meyer AshLee Frazier- In Final  Four […] the full smack!

The Bachelor Sean Lowe Season Premiere Sneak Peek Video

Are you ready for The Bachelor 2013 with Sean Lowe? Check out this new video just released by ABC showing Bachelor Sean meeting this season ladies and some of the travel adventures featured on this season of the bachelor. If your just coming through, like lots of this blogs readers, the night the season starts, then you have a […] the full smack!

Who are Sean Lowes Final Four? Info AshLee Frazier and Desiree Hartsock at

UPDATED: Please read the following Bachelor Spoiler News – Bachelor 17 Revised Final Four Spoilers AshLee Frazier, Desiree Hartsock, Catherine Guidici, Lindsay Yenter Did Sean Pick AshLee?   I am running late today so I will keep this short but I can confirm 3 of the 4 as far as who Sean Lowe picks […] the full smack!

Bachelor Canada’s Chantelle Harink Left Early and Shares her Thoughts About it!

 Chantelle Harink is a pastor and a virgin, and even with that confession, everyone seemed to really like her.  Unfortunately, she got some very sad news during episode 4.  She received a phone call that her grandfather had died and she had to decide if she should leave the show early to attend his funeral. Brad […] the full smack!

We have New Photos of Sean Lowe in Banff, Canada, and we’ve identified Several of The Bachelorettes!

Sean has enjoyed his time in Banff, Canada, for The Bachelor 17.  Everyone was buttoned up well as the temperature is a bit on the cold side. We have a new  photo of Sean Lowe in Canada and we have identified several of the women on these dates.    So, we know they made it this […] the full smack!

Just Days After the Courtney/Ben Breakup, Courtney Robertson was seen Making Out with Arie Luyendyk

Courtney and Bachelor Ben Breakup - Just days after the breakup between Courtney Robertson and Ben Faljnik, Courtney was seen making out with Arie Luyendyk., Jr.  Both Courtney and Arie are from Phoenix, Arizona and decided to get together for dinner.  They ate at Quiessence Restaurant in Phoenix –  It is reported that they were “all over each […] the full smack!