Poll: Should same sex Marriage be legal? …and should be called Marriage? TAKE THE POLL

same sex marriagesame sex marriage poll

Everywhere I turn lately there has been this ongoing debate about the legalities of marriage.

poll on same sex marriage


It seems unlikely that the high court will rule to allow same-sex marriage whether I support it or not. For the record I lean towards it being legal as I view it as a civil rights issue, but I also don’t think that it’s necessary to demand that it be called marriage….names are of little importance as long as you have rights. I see no problems as long as everyone has the same protections under the law.


What I think though matter little me most people, except perhaps my cat. She wants to know whether she’s getting a treat in the next hour. So don’t shoot the messenger, we just wanted to see what people had to say when it came to a good old-fashioned poll.

So vote…let’s see what our readers have to say:

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