PREDICTION: Juan Pablo picks Renee Oteri, a fellow Floridian and single mom!

Look, I am going to make a prediction that I am going to be 100% right about. You don’t have to believe me, hate all you want….that is just fine.

However, when I come up spot on you can look back and say. Hmmm…

Juan Pablo picks Renee Oteri!

Throughout the filming of the hometown dates you’ll least expect it. Actually everything and I mean everything will point to Nikki Ferrell. Sure, she’s have the pretty model haters rooting against her but most people will think that Juan Pablo picks Nikki Ferrell! Instead it’s the local mom who also resides much closer in Juan Pablo’s home state of Florida. Like Juan Pablo, Renee Oteri is also a single parent. Throughout the show, you’ll notice very little attention paid to her in the first stages and late stages. This is classic editing you can expect to see as far as her getting just enough time on TV for everyone to later say, ‘oh. okay’ I was surprised but now I can see where they connected.

Bookmark it, then check back in the first week of March!

Bookmark it, then check back in the first week of March!

Andi Dorfman will be the 2nd to last women standing at the conclusion of the 2014 season of the Bachelor with Juan Pablo. She’ll probably be offered the spot as the next Bachelorette. Our hunch though is that she’ll pass on it or be skipped over for Nikki Ferrell who will become the next bachelorette! I’ve been writing about the show for about 7 years and so yeah. We’ll see….

Juan Pablo will choose Renee Oteri, a local Florida single mom. It’s good TV. And Model Nicki Ferrell is great for TV, just like when Ali Fedotowski was offered the gig and suddenly left F4, 4 years ago. Nikki Ferrell bachelorette
Just wait and watch!



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