Ready for Love Spoilers, who is Ernesto Arguello?

Is Ernesto ready for love?

Is Ernesto ready for love?

Ready for Love Spoilers, could this be the new thing? Doubtful, NBC typically fails and fails badly when it comes to copying big hit reality shows. But then again so does ABC. Remember Glass house, the Big Brother flop?

Well, whatever the outcome here is Ernesto Arguello and his bio….going into week 3 ratings for Ready for Love did hit 3.2 million so that’s not bad!

 Ernesto Arguello Bio

Birthday: 26 January 1979
Hometown: Miami, FL
Twitter: @ernestoarguello
Instagram: @ernestoarguello

Ready for Love Spoilers Ernesto Arguello

Ready for Love Spoilers Ernesto Arguello

For anyone who is wondering what a Bachelorette versus Ready For Love outcome will be, my guess is that the rating crown will easily go to ABC. However, with the super dull pick of Desiree Hartsock, the men better bring the drama! đŸ™‚ Ernesto, the ‘Social Entrprenuer’ WTF”ever that is :-)… looks ready to do business.

FYI, Social Entrepreneur is merely the new apology for capitalism with a spin that tries to communicate I do my part, It’s okay Ernesto, 20 something really aren’t watching this show…Let’s keep it real! It’s okay to make and keep money, really. đŸ™‚

So what’s his background?

Ernesto Arguello, the season 1 Bachelor is a civil and architectural engineer according to some reports. Which conflicts a bit with interviews, but really who is keeping track. Evidently whatever he does he has somehow created an organization of some sort that helps with housing for people in poor. (We can totally respect that) Can you say, Water for the People.

Anyway, Ernesto was born in Texas, has parents that are Nicaraguan refugees parents, and was raised in Honduras. He attended college though Miami, Florida. Wow, dude sure doesn’t stay anywhere very long….Anyway, he’s here now ladies….enjoy if this is your type.

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So is Ernesto Ready For Love? Share your comments below

Yes, Ernesto wants a wife....we believe you! :-)

Yes, Ernesto wants a wifie….we believe you! :-)

…If I had to guess he looks like he’s actually more ready for a playgirl shoot. Call me a pessimist!

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