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I TOLD YOU SO! – No proposal and no engagement. So who told Reality Steve there was one?


I just love it when we are right and everyone doubts what we say until they watch it with their own two eyes.  Bachelorette Blog posted that Desiree Hartsock chose Brooks Forester in week #2 but he did not propose and THAT IN FACT THERE NEVER WAS AN ENGAGEMENT, contrary to what Reality Steve posted.

Guess what, um yeah! I f—-king told ya so people!

Next week you might think again next time someone trolls our blog from Reality Steves blog bashes us, saying our sources are no good. This is twice now we’ve been utterly ignored and called it.

We called what nobody saw coming. Who is spoiling who? This time it was truthfully unintentional though, as we really took what we were told to me that she would choose Brooks on the last episode of the season and either get rejected or that they just would say they wanted to take things slow. I knew all along there was never an engagement though as I reported.

Now, our hunch is that the source of our tip was in fact designed to give us just enough to get people more interested in watching Desiree’s  final rose ceremony. Since we didn’t write as often or cover each episode as we have in past season not a lot of people read what we wrote this year compared to seasons past.

Honestly, you never know when pen a blog like our, when you get anonymous tips about this show whether they are planted or actually legit. It’s a crap shoot. Along those same lines comes a lot of digging and sharing what other Bachelorette forum posters find as well then loads of emails to people close to that season of the show. It’s like putting together a puzzle really and it’s time-consuming. It’s all part of the same EXACT process Reality Steve goes through.

Share you comments below.  Who is the Bachelor for 2014 / Season 18

Who is the Bachelor for 2014 

We’ll take our quiet corner though and live without the thousands or so references Reality Steve gets. but not without saying I TOLD YOU SO! My hunch is that the final episode is merely cry fest in which Desiree sends everyone home that is left on the show. That being said, it’s nice to see that we were right on this season, when NOBODY was listening! 

It’s okay San Fran Chronicle. 🙂 

I can tell you that the same tipster said most likely NOBODY FROM THIS SEASON will be chosen as the next Bachelor and that the show has for the most part decided to break its pattern and choose a Bachelor that was not on Desiree’s season or any other season for that matter. It this is true I am quite excited to see who the next Bachelor is!

(If true this confirms that it’s not Jef Holm and that Juan Pablo was not offered the gig either contrary to this story!) There is also according to what we are told another big change coming next year in an effort to come out of the rating rut that this season of the bachelorette experienced. They supposedly saw this coming. Who knows maybe season 18 of the Bachelor will be interesting enough to take the time to actually write more than 7 total blog posts about….I sure hope so!

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