SugarDaddy website scam gone awry!

Stephanie Starling – SugarDaddy website scam

Some lonely old man in Vegas who signed up for a dating site called was talking to who he was told was a sexy young 21-year-old blonde but it was in fact, Stephanie Starling a NOT-SO -HOT chunky 26-year-old scammer.

Stephanie Starling Florida

As reported by The Smoking Gun, Starling and this horny old dude were carrying on a virtual relationship online that went as far as the man giving Starling $ 7,000 which she claimed was for school. After the guy stopped sending Stephanie Starling money she then threatened to send his adult pictures to the old mans family and even his employer. Evidently the guy sent another $1,200 hoping to just get rid of the lady. Still demanding more money the lady even texted the following…

“I will kill your grandchildren,”

Heartwarming, right! 🙂



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