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Get ready for the worst season of the Bachelorette to ever air! (we told you so!)

Way overdone, total mistake. Desiree Hartsock seems like a really sweet lady so if you are reading this girl, just don’t take it personal. However, the fact remains this was not right the character to cast as the Bachelorette. Period. Moreover the ensemble of models and dorks they have surrounded Desiree Hartsock with is compounding just how bad this […] the full smack!

Who is Mike Garofola? Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers

Mike the bachelor Bachelorette 2013 Spoilers… The name Mike Garofola might be new for most of you. Mike Garofola is another one of Desiree Hartsocks’ men for the 2013 season of the Bachelor. Mike is an Assistant U.S. attorney practicing out of the Southern District of Florida. He looks like David Hasselhoff though….sorry Mike! Mike Graduated magna cum laude from […] the full smack!

Is Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard Headed to the Next Season of Dancing with the Stars?

Former Bachelorette Emily Maynard –  Is Emily Maynard headed to the next season of Dancing with    the  Stars?  Now, we can see many of you shaking your heads and saying, “Really?”   There are also rumors that Emily wants to head to Hollywood to try to get into television or something similar.   She would love to have her […] the full smack!

Just Days After the Courtney/Ben Breakup, Courtney Robertson was seen Making Out with Arie Luyendyk

Courtney and Bachelor Ben Breakup – Just days after the breakup between Courtney Robertson and Ben Faljnik, Courtney was seen making out with Arie Luyendyk., Jr.  Both Courtney and Arie are from Phoenix, Arizona and decided to get together for dinner.  They ate at Quiessence Restaurant in Phoenix —  It is reported that they were “all over each […] the full smack!