The Bachelor Sean Episode 9 Recap Final 2 Ladies in Thailand!

The Bachelor Sean Episode 9 Recap Season 17

Sean Lowe and Catherine

Sean Lowe and Catherine

It’s the last episode before the finale and Bachelor Sean is down to three girls – Catherine, AshLee, and Lindsay. Sean and the girls head off to one of the most romantic destinations in the world, south Thailand. specifically Si Kao. This is the perfect place to ramp up the romance and break one of the girl’s hearts with its beautiful beaches, blue water, and picturesque islands. It is also the week of the overnight dates with the possibility of some off-camera time with Sean in the fantasy suite. Before you get too excited, Sean assures the women nothing will be happening besides lots of kissing and talking. In the end, another girl is sent home and it’s down to the final two before Sean gets down on one knee.

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The episode begins with Sean arriving in Thailand and going gaga over the beautiful surroundings. Why don’t you just ditch the women and stay in Thailand if you love it so much? Anyway, Sean then waxes eloquent about each of the three remaining women left, most of which the audience has now heard for the umpteenth time.  Just in case you haven’t been watching the show up to this point, we also get a video montage of Sean’s favorite moments with each of them. It’s the perfect time for a beer run before the real episode starts.

Sean’s first date is with Lindsay and they begin by going to a Thai market and sampling all different kinds of bizarre foods. Lindsay makes the mistake of telling Sean that she will eat anything except bugs, and this is exactly what Sean picks out for her. Sean and Lindsay eat grasshoppers, grubs, even chicken feat, and this is Sean’s way of testing her. But before it turns into an episode from the Travel Channel, Sean and Lindsay waste no time talking off their clothes and heading to the beach. There, the watch the sunset and feed monkeys. Cue romantic music here.

Flashback to Sean in the Fantasy Dates…

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Sean and Lindsay eat dinner together, and Lindsay struggles to tell Sean she loves her. She’s about to say it when they are interrupted by traditional Thai dancers for the evening’s entertainment. Ha! Sean and Lindsay head to the fantasy suite for some truly alone time where Lindsay finally gets the guts to say those magical three words, and Sean and Lindsay spend the rest of the night off-camera.

AshLee is Sean’s next date and this again turns out to be another test. Sean and AshLee spend the day on the beach, but to get there, they have to swim through an underground cave. AshLee is a little freaked out and scared, although Sean admits he is too while letting loose a few choice words. This is Sean’s test to see ifAshLee can trust him completely and let go of her need for control. Their reward for finding their way is a private beach that is only accessible by swimming through the cave. It’s a perfect spot for another Travel Channel show.

Sean and AshLee have dinner on the beach and he gives her the overnight date card. AshLee doesn’t want to be in a compromising situation but Sean assures her that it only means time alone to stay up all night and talk. Just what every man wants. Sean and AshLee talk a lot about their relationship. AshLee expresses her love to Sean over and over again, and he probably gets the point already. However, AshLee even goes as far to mention what she kind of ring she likes and her ring size. Uh oh. That’s enough to scare any man way, and it might come back to bite her.

That leaves Catherine for the next date. Sean and Catherine take a boat ride together and spend a lot of time just talking. Catherine reminds Sean that she can be serious and tries to undo any damage caused by her family during the hometown date. It seems to be working because Sean and Catherine have no trouble kissing and making up. Sean and Catherine even get the vote for world’s worst kiss as he sticks his tongue down her throat. Anyway, at dinner, Catherine brings up the overnight date card, and Sean reassures her that there will be no pressure. Instead, they spend time making out in a hot tub, which is way less questionable.

Before the rose ceremony, Chris Harrison sits down with Sean. Sean seems confident of his decision until video messages from the girls are played. At the rose ceremony, Sean once again struggles with his decision and it’s painful to wait freaking long. In the end, AshLee is sent home when Catherine gets the final rose, and AshLee is pissed! She doesn’t say goodbye to the other girls or talk Sean at all other than telling him not to follow her as she heads to the limo. It’s kind of a shocking end to AshLee and Sean’s relationship but then again AshLee seemed way overconfident she would get the ring. Who knows, maybe we’ll see her next time on the Bachelorette!

Pa Sak Tong resort in Chiang Rai Thailand is where Sean filmed the final rose ceremony!

Pa Sak Tong resort in Chiang Rai Thailand is where Sean filmed the final rose ceremony!

Are you Ready for Seans Final Rose Ceremony at Pa Sak Tong in Chiang Rai?

Sean Lowe Final Rose...a happy ending or a HUGE SHOCK?!

Sean Lowe Final Rose…a happy ending or a HUGE SHOCK?!

IF SO…..


                                           Check back shortly…

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