Which of the guys Desiree sent home, should have she kept? (POLL)

Desiree Hartsock Poll of the underappreciated! 

Diogo Custodio, Nick Roy, Mike, Jonathan Vollinger, Micah, & Larry Burchett all went packing before there was even a date to be had? No concession or door prizes, no date, no rose….and no luv!

HOW SAD, RIGHT? That’s gotta suck!

Night 1 of the Bachelorette with Desiree will be past in just a few days and after that is when I expect most of you will best be able to answer this question but during each season of the Bachelorette and Bachelor many of the less MADE-FOR-TV gals and guys get sent home right out of the gates!

In this editors opinions these are probably the most REAL of the contestants that are cast for the show.

Take for example Larry Burchett who is an actual E.R. Doctor!

Larry Burchett, seriously ladies. This dude saves lives....That's not someone you send home on the premiere!

Larry Burchett, seriously ladies. This dude saves lives….That’s not someone you send home on the premiere!

Collectively the friends of family of these men probably consist of probably more than 10,000 fans. These guys that Desiree the Bachelorette will send home on night 1, went through lots of hassle for lots of rejection. So let’s see which one most of us would have like to have seen around for a bit longer!

Let’s vote…Who should have Desiree Hartsock have kept in the game?

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Parting thoughts: If the Bachelor producers are smart they’ll cast a guy like Larry Burchett as the next Bachelor! That I’d watch. Long forgotten here again is his bio…FULL NAME: Lawrence R. Burchett IV is 5’10 and 34 years old. He works at Sonoma Valley Hospital as a REAL LIFE, emergency room physician. He earned his Bachelor of Science degree obviously in Pre-Med at the University of Notre Dame and went onto University of Kansas Medical School.

Learn more about the biggest dip–it she kept around here! or check out the Antigua Bachelorette Final Rose Ceremony location.

Senior dating at it's best! Over 2 million members and growing...

Senior dating at it’s best! Over 2 million members and growing…

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